Covid 19 Changing The World

The Covid 19 Coronavirus is affecting the world in more ways than one. The media is pushing the fact that the we could be looking at the worst economic downturn since 1930.

Online sales

What they may not be telling you is that money is still changing hands, only in new ways. Due to the close of brick and mortar stores, consumers are going online. Due to this, Online shopping is no longer a fad. Web developers are at a premium. The truth is in the details. The U.S eCommerce/online sales market broke 600 billion in 2019.

The coronavirus is and will continue to force the issue of online sales. Furthermore, Consumers can have products they would usually browse the aisle to pick up delivered to their door. However, the screen is now the aisle. Thus, comfort at its best.

The stock market

Along with other shocking statistics, the stock market has taken the largest fall in years as reported by news outlets. However, some companies have enjoyed gains in their stock share price which some media teams have avoided reporting on.

Amazon share price has increased 25.18% in the last 30 days. The close of market on April 21 saw 1 share of Amazon cost 2,344 US dollars (Revolut, 2020). An increase of a quarter is not to be under emphasized.

The rate of fall is quite astounding when we listen to what the reporters are telling us. Companies are picking up the pieces through no fault of their own. The only way to have avoided this loss in revenue would have been to completely change their sector of business. Consequently, the inevitable doom through the course of the global pandemic will force CEOs to consider everything.

Travel and leisure

Businesses in the travel or leisure sector will be considering liquidating their businesses. Business owners are considering their sentimental links to their business. Non-essential businesses can go online to sell the newest Nike tracksuit, for the businesses that have taken a direct hit in their services being unwanted, it’s not so easy. Cruise liner companies once graced the waters but are now plummeting into the deep blue abyss.

Government restrictions mean airline companies are not aloud to land at certain airports. Therefore, the airspace that jets usually roared through is now eerily quiet, as seen on many flight tracker applications.


The public have begun to acclimatize to the restrictions that have been set by the government. Supermarket sales soared with the announcement of restrictions. Although those with inside knowledge advised the public that supermarket shelves would continue to be stocked throughout the course of the pandemic. Understandably, the public weren’t sure who to believe. Stocking up on items such as flour to make bread and coal for the fire was the order of the day.

The public stock up on essential items regularly when a national sense of worry occurs. Storms have come and gone with the stocking of essential items paramount. Green party leader Eamon Ryan proposed that we grow our own food if “this really hits’s hard.” Therefore we believe if we don’t stock groceries, growing our food will be our only option. Growing our own food to add to dishes is one scenario, solely surviving on it would be another.

There will be a number of businesses busy when the restrictions are lifted. They will need to be busy to make up for lost revenue. These include hairdressers, dentists and other businesses that are not truly missed until they are gone. The ques will be long across the country in these and similar premises. Be prepared.


Today we are improving Just remind you that the OpenCoffee Club role is to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow in Ireland. To do that, we need to promote the website by creating a outstanding design and emphasize our members and share our meeting calendar to the world.

Trustworthy live feeds

Sheila Newman wonders, “Live Feeds what are they?”

As part of my research I googgled ” what is a live feed”. Google brought me to “Live Feed is a 2006 horror film directed by Ryan Nicholson and starring Kevan Ohtsji, Taayla Markell and Stephen Chang”. I then changed it to Live feeds Google’s search response was  “No definitions were found for Live Feeds”. Luckily for I have a third definition of what is meant by Live feeds .

My Definition of Live Feeds:

A live feed is an ever changing piece of information which is inserted in to a website and is then instantaneously updated on the screen.

I know some people will not agree but I welcome their insight as you would never learn anything if people did not share their opinion and knowledge! 

What can they do for

Live feeds can breathe life back into if anyone has been looking at the site recently the last post was way back when the dinosaur still roamed the earth!

 Ok I am going a bit far but with the technology we have today. Sites like which are left crying out for new life can be given one.  Live feeds they can be set up and used in sites and give the user live up to the minute information. So add live feeds or book your one way ticket to the way back machine!

There are many site which use live feeds is one as is ,, need I go on? They ask users to to share what they are doing which is then shared instantly.

This leads us to my last Question what is a Trustworthy live feed? 

A trustworthy live feed is one which you trust obviously! I have named a few sites which all have live content and have connections to  So the creators can choose a relevant site and insert a live feed to  and breathe life back into this site.

Irish Internet Association mission – to Digitise the Nation

The are hosting a campaign, Digitise the Nation to reach businesses, consumers and students.From the 16th to 21st May 2010, there will be the opportunity for everyone to bring their skills and capabilities to the very widest audience and show how the internet can be used to communicate with friends and family. They are looking for you to come up with innovative ideas and exciting activities that will run on each of the days, so maybe you can use the Digitise the Nation week to showcase your business’s skills and expertise and share your ideas with the world.