Covid 19 Living in Isolation

Living in isolation has been a varied and challenging experience for all involved across the world. In Ireland and in many other countries a garden has suddenly become an even more important feature of a household in recent times and I am lucky to be living on a property with a garden.

To help break up the monotony and lack of social contact. We have been growing flowers salads and vegetables. watching them grow has been rewarding in a time where there is so much sadness and lack of growth around the world.

This has been a very enjoyable pass time to temporarily divert our attention from the devastation caused by COVID 19 and do something constructive and healthy.

COVID 19 knows no borders however flowers borders and vegetable allotments will flourish around the country are flourishing during the crisis.

The age old healthy delight of watching a plant grow from seed has been adopted as a choice of therapy and enjoyment around the country for many with the resources to do so.

Exotic salad vegetable and seedlings.
Flourishing springtime daffodils, the narcissists flower.

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