COVID 19, The Economic and Social Side Effects

Social and Household

Since the beginning of the pandemic people in Ireland have adapted very well to the changes and restrictions brought in to help curb the spread of the virus.

It is in these times one observes just how adaptable people are to unexpected circumstances such as this.

In these unprecedented times media coverage on the subject has been overwhelming and people have responded by heeding the advice of public health authorities and finding solace in the fact that we are all in this together for the long run. Although many have been struggling from the restrictions brought in place. The majority of people have exhibited a positive attitude when it comes to doing their bit to help fight COVID 19.

Essential and local food businesses which for a longtime have been under appreciated are now on the frontlines during the fight against beating COVID 19.

People have stood up and taken on the roles of helping others through remaining at work throughout Ireland to ensure the public has all the necessary products they need to run households.

Health care professionals who had long emigrated have returned to help those on the frontline here at home.

People are showing genuine appreciation to the workers who are putting their health at risk in efforts to combat the virus.

Signs and posters have appeared in communities all over the country to show the appreciation by the public for all those who are working harder than ever before to help save lives.

Boredom and cabin has set in during isolation and many who are living in cramped apartments are finding it more difficult. However, even though these strict measures are proving difficult for people morale is high and people are making the best of a bad situation by turning to virtual outlets such as video call parties and social media to keep in contact with those around them.

Virtual Parties COVID 19

The ways we conduct business and interact socially have suddenly changed drastically.

Social distancing a term which was unheard of before in many communities has suddenly become an essential part of daily life.

Essential businesses are conducting business in manners which many are starting to call the new normal.

Even the way people pay for their goods has changed. Cash has been replaced with contactless payment by card. A method of payment which although popular people regularly complained about for security reasons before the pandemic has ironically become the safest payment form for both workers and customers.

Pubs have been closed with no end in sight for a reopening and many may publicans face bankruptcy if help is not given by the government when a time comes for them to be able to resume business.

Pubs in Irelan are big business and for many it is their sole method of socializing. However people have been extremely accepting of the fact that it is just not possible to socialise in this manner now and are beginning to turn to other social outlets instead.


Home cooking is back with a bang this is perhaps the only good thing to come out of this situation so far.

A return to home cooked meals means people are eating healthier than ever. Ready meals and convenience food have suddenly become a thing of the past and have been replaced by fresh produce and wholesome meals. This is a fantastic movement for the better because you are what you eat.

Healthy Meals at Home COVID 19

Economic Impact

Concerns over the economic impact of COVID 19 in Ireland are not being taken lightly at home and abroad.

There is growing worry by both business owners and citizens in general about the impact this will have on the economy. And according to economists in Ireland we are heading into a recession where we will not see an upturn in the economy for at least two years.

Recession Looming.


Due to a significant reduction in the amount of travel globally and electricity usage. The price of oil has gone through the floor and countries such as china have begun to buy and store as much as possible at the moment. Also those who are using home heating oil have also begun buying heating oil sooner than needed while the price is on the floor.

Oil Prices Takes a Giant Dive.

Working Remotely

People all across the country are working and studying remotely with varying degrees of success.

For those studying at home there have been varying levels of productivity and teething problems with courses now being delivered online instead.

Working Remotely COVID 19.

With regards to those who are now working remotely for tech companies call centers and such it has become apparent that this type of work is very doable for those who have the space and a strong enough internet connection.

For those with children at home while working remotely it has proven challenging however the majority of people are willingly managing as best as they can under the circumstances

The recent events have been an eye opener to many people and it is reassuring to see people doing their best to adapt to the current circumstances.

Covid 19 Changing The World

The Covid 19 Coronavirus is affecting the world in more ways than one. The media is pushing the fact that the we could be looking at the worst economic downturn since 1930.

Online sales

What they may not be telling you is that money is still changing hands, only in new ways. Due to the close of brick and mortar stores, consumers are going online. Due to this, Online shopping is no longer a fad. Web developers are at a premium. The truth is in the details. The U.S eCommerce/online sales market broke 600 billion in 2019.

The coronavirus is and will continue to force the issue of online sales. Furthermore, Consumers can have products they would usually browse the aisle to pick up delivered to their door. However, the screen is now the aisle. Thus, comfort at its best.

The stock market

Along with other shocking statistics, the stock market has taken the largest fall in years as reported by news outlets. However, some companies have enjoyed gains in their stock share price which some media teams have avoided reporting on.

Amazon share price has increased 25.18% in the last 30 days. The close of market on April 21 saw 1 share of Amazon cost 2,344 US dollars (Revolut, 2020). An increase of a quarter is not to be under emphasized.

The rate of fall is quite astounding when we listen to what the reporters are telling us. Companies are picking up the pieces through no fault of their own. The only way to have avoided this loss in revenue would have been to completely change their sector of business. Consequently, the inevitable doom through the course of the global pandemic will force CEOs to consider everything.

Travel and leisure

Businesses in the travel or leisure sector will be considering liquidating their businesses. Business owners are considering their sentimental links to their business. Non-essential businesses can go online to sell the newest Nike tracksuit, for the businesses that have taken a direct hit in their services being unwanted, it’s not so easy. Cruise liner companies once graced the waters but are now plummeting into the deep blue abyss.

Government restrictions mean airline companies are not aloud to land at certain airports. Therefore, the airspace that jets usually roared through is now eerily quiet, as seen on many flight tracker applications.


The public have begun to acclimatize to the restrictions that have been set by the government. Supermarket sales soared with the announcement of restrictions. Although those with inside knowledge advised the public that supermarket shelves would continue to be stocked throughout the course of the pandemic. Understandably, the public weren’t sure who to believe. Stocking up on items such as flour to make bread and coal for the fire was the order of the day.

The public stock up on essential items regularly when a national sense of worry occurs. Storms have come and gone with the stocking of essential items paramount. Green party leader Eamon Ryan proposed that we grow our own food if “this really hits’s hard.” Therefore we believe if we don’t stock groceries, growing our food will be our only option. Growing our own food to add to dishes is one scenario, solely surviving on it would be another.

There will be a number of businesses busy when the restrictions are lifted. They will need to be busy to make up for lost revenue. These include hairdressers, dentists and other businesses that are not truly missed until they are gone. The ques will be long across the country in these and similar premises. Be prepared.

How Lock Down Has Affected Business in Ireland

While some businesses have been able to remain operational by sole traders, employers and employees working from home.

Many businesses have been devastated by the crisis. The types of trade which have been affected most severely by the pandemic so far are the hospitality sector and non essential retail.

Some businesses such as cafe’s, restaurants and fast food outlets are operating at reduced capacity with take away or delivery services as the only option to sell their products. Truly a very difficult situation for many of these businesses who are struggling to meet overheads while operating at a reduced capacity.

Many other businesses have been closed completely. The businesses which are shut still have the complication of paying bills and other overheads even while closed down and many may not reopen.

The government is doing their best to promise help to struggling businesses in the after math of the COVID 19 epidemic. But the true cost could be astronomical to get many businesses back up and running.

Economic experts have stated that recession is inevitable and will be significant.

The usually-bustling Moore Street Market was left empty today after Ireland imposed lockdown rules.

Businesses are Reeling in the Midst of the Crisis.

The above businesses are struggling as reported in the Daily Mail and Irish Mirror and consumers are missing the kinds of services and diverse availability of goods.

However there are businesses which are flourishing during the COVID 19 crisis.

Supermarkets and foodstores have been swamped with customers to the extent that there have been measures put in place to discourage consumers from bulk buying and visiting food stores too often.

At the moment it appears these are the main businesses which are turning over more money than ever. Due to food and essential household items being the one product people need at home they were struggling to keep shelves stocked. The introduction of new rules across the sector have been necessary to lessen disruption of the availability of goods reaching shelves from suppliers in time. Also crowding was a problem and now only a certain number of people may be in the supermarket at one time to lessen the risk of virus transmission in supermarkets. Social distancing rules have also now been implemented in all supermarkets.

the now normal 2 meter distancing is strictly adhered to in queuing and buying goods.

Covid 19 Living in Isolation

Living in isolation has been a varied and challenging experience for all involved across the world. In Ireland and in many other countries a garden has suddenly become an even more important feature of a household in recent times and I am lucky to be living on a property with a garden.

To help break up the monotony and lack of social contact. We have been growing flowers salads and vegetables. watching them grow has been rewarding in a time where there is so much sadness and lack of growth around the world.

This has been a very enjoyable pass time to temporarily divert our attention from the devastation caused by COVID 19 and do something constructive and healthy.

COVID 19 knows no borders however flowers borders and vegetable allotments will flourish around the country are flourishing during the crisis.

The age old healthy delight of watching a plant grow from seed has been adopted as a choice of therapy and enjoyment around the country for many with the resources to do so.

Exotic salad vegetable and seedlings.
Flourishing springtime daffodils, the narcissists flower.